Młodzi pracownicy prekaryjni w Polsce i Niemczech. Analiza strategii życiowych, świadomości politycznej oraz aktywności obywatelskiej

Data publikacji: 11.02.2020, 15:01

Broszura popularnonaukowa podsumowująca wyniki projektu.


The summary of interview-based memos

Data publikacji: 4.12.2017, 13:19

Written by Aleksandra Drabina-Różewicz summary of 10 biographical interviews conducted by her during the fieldwork stag of the PREWORK research.

The quantitative secondary data on youth in Poland and Germany: tentative presentation and analysis

Data publikacji: 4.12.2017, 12:56

Mapping precarious employment of young people, the PREWORK project team explores various secondary data sources. They include the website and the yearbooks of the Central Statistical Office (GUS) in Poland, the reports by the National Labour Inspectorate and the Labour Force Surveys and the Structural Business Statistics on the Eurostat website. This brief summary is focused on the data acquired from the Eurostat Labour Force Surveys and EU-SILC (EU Statistics on Income and Living Conditions), compiled by Mateusz Karolak and Adam Mrozowicki. As in the other cases, the data has been selected predominantly on the basis of its usefulness to understand and frame the experiences of young people in both countries studied. We have basically referred to the age categories 20-24 and 25-29, but in case of some summary statistics we explored the situation of a larger group aged 15-29. The sixth chapter of this report was prepared by Alexandra Seehaus and Denis Neumann and supplemented by Mateusz Karolak.

This is the first draft of the report - please do not quote!