The PREWORK results spark discussion in Poland

Adam Mrozowicki

Since the publication of the book "Managing uncertainty. Socio-economic studies of young precarious workers" (eds. A. Mrozowicki, J. Czarzasty), the results of the project PREWORK are becoming more and more discussed in Poland. The discussion was sparked by an article by Adrianna Rozwadowska in Gazeta Wyborcza, which concerned mainly the paradoxes of economic awareness of young people.

On 10 February 2020, a meeting promoting the book was held in the Big Book Cafe, during which the authors of the book had to face, among others, questions about the reasons for the lack of protests of young people against their situation on the labour market in both countries. 

Further meetings are announced, among others, for 21 June in Wrocław as part of the series "Socioperception in Reception".